Artwork from the precious stones from Hunsrück and Rheinhessen in Southwestern Germany.

Art Picture Stone Jasper Meditation New Age



Treasures of creation - jewels from the earth's darkness


Art Picture Stone Meditation New Age

Around 290 million years ago, during the Perm geological era, there were massive volcanic activities in what today is Hunsrück and parts of Rheinhessen. Incredibly large amounts of lava gushed out of the earth and dramatically transformed the landscape. 




The gas bubbles in the lava formed cavities when the lava cooled. These then became the place of birth for colourful agate, crystal and jasper. In the interaction of hot geothermal water, silicic acid, minerals and the seedlings of life, these precious stones were born in the absolute darkness, surrounded by eternal night.




They are true miracles of nature. Their origins lie at  the frontier of animate and inanimate matter. Within them,  they show lively and unparalleled microcosms of colours, shapes and structures.




These microcosms allow insights into the universal laws and forces, which – to quote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's "Faust" - hold our world together in its innermost parts.




My name is Sebastian StolI. I have been fascinated by these minerals and the primal powers that created them from early childhood on. And still today, I collect and love the magic rocks from Hunsrück and Rheinhessen.



My works are based on and inspired by gently working on the worlds of wonder in those precious stones. The viewer is invited to go on a journey of discovery and find the magical symbols, figures and structures.



On these pages I provide a glimpse into my work with the stones – any comments concerning my pictures are welcome!



Mainz, January 2019

PS: The pictures only unfold their full expressive power in larger format. I print them onto canvasses till up to 1 x 1 meter. It is then, that the incredibly fine details as well as the symbols, figures and structures, which fascinate me so much, become fully visible. If you contact me I will be glad to provide an impression.



Please visit the gallery for more pictures.


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